• SilverCoin is a Distributed Information Platform built around a Contest Generator.    

    It's powered by the Proof-of-Change protocol: The more information you share, the more you earn and the more You Change The World.

    Level I: TrueFreedom
    Level II: SilverPlan

  • The Platform is secured by the latest in blockchain technology and is incentivized by a deflationary payout structure that offers a truly Unique and Equal Opportunity To All People.

  • Level I: TrueFreedom

    • Free Online Business Course ($1000+ usd value)
    • 32-Video Training Series With Assignments
    • Step-by-Step 'Game Sequence' Format
    • No Prior Experience Necessary
    • Content Has Universal Application
    • Realize And Monetize Your Dreams And Ideas
    • Multiply Your Sphere Of Influence And Market Reach
    • High-Level Education For Even Those Who Can't Afford It


  • Proof-of-Change (POC) Protocol

    • You earn 16 SVC for every person you refer, who joins TrueFreedom
    • Total supply is 100 million SVC
    • 90m will be paid out over time as part of the POC protocol
    • 9m will be allocated for crowd-funding
    • 1m in circulation
    • # of coins paid out decrease 50% for every 10% drop in total supply
    • The levels are 16 SVC... 8, 4, 2, 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.125, 0.0625, 0.03125
    • Last 10% of the coins are subdivided 5 times starting at 0.03125
    • Final levels: 0.03125, 0.015625, 0.0078125, 0.00390625, 0.001953125
  • Level II: SilverPlan

    • Paid Membership Level (optional)
    • Crowd-Sourced Contest Generator
    • Focused On Fact-Finding And Presentation
    • Winners Are Chosen By Community Voting
    • Winning Content Becomes ‘Free To Share’ Web Content
    • Contests Pay Out SVC Based On Contribution
    • Can Earn SVC Just For Participating
    • 2-Tier Monthly Affiliate Plan Built-In
    • Earn Coins From Your Referrals Referrals (1%)
  • Residual Rewards

    Monthly membership fee is equal to 1/10 the Proof-of-Change payout.
    If you earn 16 SVC for a referral, the fee is 1.6 SVC for that month.

    Total collected membership fees are paid out monthly as follows:

    • 25% to contest rewards
    • 25% to Proof-of-Stake
    • 25% to next-level project development
    • 25% to the 2-tier affiliate plan (Affiliates carry over from level 1)
      • 15% for 1st level affiliate relations
      • 10% for 2nd level affiliate relations