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It Pays To Change The World!

Learn enough truth about the world and you’re likely to ask the ultimate question...


That is... What Can I Do About It?

The answer is share as much truth as you can, with as many people as you can, while giving them the means to do something about it.


Now There’s A Rewarding Way To Do Exactly That!

First, consider the many online personalities who already share a lot of information. Then ask yourself...what if you could easily do the same? And what if you could actually get paid for your efforts? Introducing...


Level I: TrueFreedom

Level II: SilverPlan

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TrueFreedom is a FREE 32-video online course that teaches you, step-by-step, how to build your own unique online brand and business.

It’s designed to help you...

a Identify your true purpose in life.

a Step you through the process of achieving it.

a Multiply your sphere of influence around the world!


The result is an immense, decentralized Information web network where you own everything you build and no one can ever censor or delete your work.

TrueFreedom is a business plan for a new way of living where you are in service to others, the world, and yourself, all at the same time.

TrueFreeedom Course Structure

Getting Started

Affiliate Dashboard, Likes, Shares,
Comments, Forums, Posts


Wordpress, Hosting, Themes, Pages, Plugins, Content, Support

Perpetual Traffic

SEO, Dynamic Content, Social Activity, Fresh Factor, Keywords, Backlinks


Synergistic Tools, Automation,
Security, Outsourcing



Authority Subject, Domain Name,
Logo Contests, Email, Biz Cards, Clothing

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,
Viral Integration

Paid Marketing

Adwords, Social Media PPC, Article Submission, Local


Views, Clicks, Ad Display, Donations, Affiliate Offers, Your Own Products









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SilverPlan (Optional) is a fact-finding game that teaches the player how to research, understand, and present information.

Prizes are paid out for winning content (as selected by community voting) and prizes are also awarded for data contribution.

SilverPlan also includes advanced courses in marketing, cryptocurrency, wellness and much more.

A 2-tier affiliate plan allows you to earn monthly residual rewards from your affiliates as well as from your affiliates' affiliates. This provides the financial incentive for everyone to help others succeed.

(The Monthly membership fee will be 1/10th the POC payout)

SilverPlan Structure



aWinning Content Prizes

aContribution Prizes

a2-tier Residual Rewards

aFree To Share Content



a40% To Contest Prizes

a40% To 2-Tier Affiliate Plan

a20% To Project Development

a50 Affiliates = Level III Access

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We all need money to survive, and many of us also have the desire to make the world a better place. The solution? Get Paid To Change The World!

Silvercoin (SVC) is the cryptocurrency powered by the Proof-Of-Change Protocol (POC) that rewards you in proportion to your level of influence in the world. The more information you share, the more you earn, and the more positive effect you have on the world.

This represents a shift to a new ‘Information-based Economy’ where information is the number one commodity and where your efforts directly benefit everybody else and vice versa.



Silvercoin (SVC) is transitioning to the EOS Platform (from NXT) so SVC 2.0 can only be accessed via an EOS wallet such as the Scatter wallet.

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Visit our Block Explorer for details on the SilverCoin blockchain. There are a total of 1 billion SVC, of which 800 million will be locked into the POC protocol.

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View our whitepaper to get a deeper understanding of SilverCoin. Here you will learn what makes SilverCoin so unique compared to any other crypto project operating today. This is a phase 1 non-technical whitepaper that focuses on the novel and world-changing concepts of the project. (In Progress)

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