• 10 Million Silvercoin Crowdsale


    June 21 – July 19

  • 10 Reasons To Own A Piece Of SilverCoin

    • Web Monetization. Solves a real-world problem not currently being addressed
    • Marketing Platform. Where most projects fail SilverCoin excels
    • Low ICO Price. Starting at 0.00003000 BTC per coin
    • ICO Hosted On Exchange. Receive silvercoin in your wallet immediately and securely
    • Committed Team. Understand the project & you’ll know why quitting isn't an option
    • SilverCoin Brand. If Bitcoin were called Bobcoin we wouldn't be talking about it today
    • Nxt Asset. SVC utilizes the NXT blockchain so no worries of a broken blockchain
    • The X-Factor. Viral Marketing Platform combined with Deflationary Rewards
    • P2P Adoption. Doesn’t require any commercial third-party adoption to succeed
    • BTC and USD. You can purchase using BTC, credit card, bank transfer, etc


  • Specifications

    0.00003000 BTC – 1 day (June 21)
    0.00005000 BTC – week 1 (June 22 - June 28)
    0.00006000 BTC – week 2 (June 29 - July 5)
    0.00007000 BTC – week 3 (July 6 - July 12)
    0.00008000 BTC – week 4 (July 13- July 19)

    The ICO begins on June 21 at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.
    Each new level will begin at 1:00 pm EST on it's respective start date.

    The crowdsale will be executed on C-CEX as sell walls.
    So you don't have to be there on June 21 to participate in the ICO. Just set a buy order at 0.00003000 BTC and your order will execute as soon as we put up the first sell wall.

    Only 2 million coins will be made available at the 0.00003000 BTC offer.
    If these 2m coins sell out early then all remaining 8m coins will go up for sale immediately thereafter at 0.00005000 BTC.


    We are looking to raise the minimum amount required to complete Phase 1 of development. (With salaries paid for 1 year)

    Budget Summary

    $50,000 USD - CEO
    $50,000 USD - Production Manager
    $10,000 USD – Computer Equipment
    $15,000 USD – Website and Intro Video
    $200,000 USD – Proof-of-Change Protocol & Integration
    $50,000 USD - Business and Legal Fees
    $100,000 USD – 32 TrueFreedom Videos

    $475,000 USD estimate to complete phase 1.


    Coin Distribution

    89,380,000 SVC are off the market.

    • 88,000,000 SVC for POC protocol + 880,000 SVC for Tech Fund – All coins will be escrowed and then locked into the POC protocol when ready. Coins will be paid out over life of project.
    • 500,000 SVC as POC/Reserve – Escrowed indefinitely. Serves dual purpose, to be used as end-of-POC reserve or as emergency funds, whichever comes first.

    10,000,000 SVC for ICO

    • If > 500k USD raised. Any remaining SVC will be locked out until ICO funds are exhausted.
    • If < 500k USD raised. Salaries will be paid in combination of SVC/BTC. All SVC paid out will be accompanied with a public receipt so any coins entering the marketplace are value-backed.
    • If < 100k raised. Salaries will be paid entirely in SVC bi-weekly. SVC will only be paid out in return for work, products or services. BTC will be kept for items we can’t get done with SVC.

    620,000 SVC For Dev Rewards and Bounties

    • 350,000 SVC for Dev Rewards
    • 270,000 SVC for Bounties
      • 100,000 SVC maximum for affiliate bounty
      • 50,000 SVC maximum for Bitcointalk bounties
        • 25,000 SVC for signature and translation bounties
        • 25,000 SVC for Social Media Contest
      • 120,000 SVC for post-ICO bounties. (May be used to supplement pre-ICO bounties)


  • Exchange Escrow

    • Escrow is a temporary pass through account held by a third party during the process of a transaction between two parties
    • We are using the exchange C-CEX to act as our escrow to collect funds, distribute coins, verify blockchain and provide listing
  • Why No Milestones?

    • Escrowed milestones mean a third party gains control of the funds and thus the project
    • We can’t easily adjust to new ideas and options as we are locked into the original milestones
    • If funds are held up it can grind the project to a halt. Or worst, we release an inferior product just to get funds unlocked