• SilverPlan

    SilverPlan is a Crowd-Sourced Contest Generator designed as a real-world Scavenger Hunt Game where the mission is to find and assemble the best facts on particular community selected topics.

    This optional paid membership level is built around Contests and Rewards where prizes are awarded based on content value, individual contribution and for the best overall presentation of facts as voted by community members. All members can then take the award winning content, copy it to their websites and use it to help promote their own projects.

    SilverPlan also pays out residual rewards just for participating, such as Coin Holder Payout and the 2-Tier Affiliate Plan and it even comes with a marketplace where you can exchange SVC for products and services such as silver bullion or a website.

    In addition, there is an advanced continuing education series that is worth many times the cost of SilverPlan in itself.


  • Contests

    • Treasure Hunt Truth-Finding Game
    • Community Operated By Voting
    • Pays Out Rewards For Fact Finding
    • Generates Free-To-Use Web Content
  • Rewards

    • 25% To Contest Prizes
    • 25% To Coin Holders
    • 25% To 2-Tier Affiliate Plan
    • 25% To Next-Level Project Development
  • Marketplace

    • Exchange Silvercoin For Products And Services
    • First 2 Products: Silver Bullion And Web Design
    • Product Line Will Focus On Life-Changing Tech
    • Marketplace Will Become An Innovation Magnet
  • Advanced

    • Marketing 2.0
    • Inner Circle Trading
    • Wellness Blueprint
    • MaidSafe SafeNet
    • 25 referrals @ level II = level III entry*
  • Health Freedom is the introduction video to our Advanced Wellness Blueprint series.

    The Series is where we review and evaluate all the latest information and technology currently available in the wellness industry with the goal of presenting the big picture of wellness in one easy to understand infographic.